The Creative Process

    Every piece of glass art is designed by me and carefully handcrafted in my studio. 

    The process differs a little, depending on whether I create a small pendant or Christmas ornament or a rather larger piece of art such as a platter, bowl or vase. Most of the time, I have a design in mind or sketched out. But sometimes, I let the light and glass guide me.

    I select one or multiple sheets of glass, which I cut by hand, then layer and combine. I either arrange a large piece which will be cut into smaller pendants or earrings after the first firing (or kept as a whole if I intend to create a plate or vase), or build up small jewellery pieces from scratch. After the assembly, the glass is fused in the kiln for the first time. Once the kiln is cooled down and the glass properly annealed or toughened (which takes up to 12 hours), I cut the final shapes by hand and grind / smooth out the edges.

    When I am creating a bigger piece, I often add another layer of glass, frit or mica powder to build up the design and give it more depth. In those cases, two or more firings are necessary before the final shaping and smoothing takes place.

    Once I’m happy with the results, the pieces go back into the kiln for a last firing or “fire polish” which gives the glass it’s smooth form and beautiful shine.