The Artist: Gisela found her passion for glass while working in a different career, on a different continent, pursuing stained and fused glass as a hobby for over 10 years. After moving from the US to beautiful Australia in 2016, she setup her studio in Northmead, NSW.

    Gisela uses the varying transparency, colours and texture of glass in combination with unusual shapes, patterns and forms to create one-of-kind pieces of art. She finds glass fusing particularly fascinating as it allows to add dimension to create functional pieces such as bowls and vessels for everyday use.

    Gisela gains inspiration anywhere from conversations with people to observations of nature, architecture and art. She loves experimenting with new designs and ideas, for instance by including metals or natural materials between layers of glass to add depth and special effects to her works.

    She hopes that her colourful designs remind you of your inner strengths and embolden you to follow your dreams and pursue the life you love.

    The Process: Gisela hand cuts distinct shapes from sheets of colourful art glass and arranges and layers these pieces according to her unique designs. The fusing process typically involves at least two, sometimes up to three or four firings in a kiln at temperatures of up to 900° C / 1500° degrees F, therefore the term “kiln-fired glass”. In between the firings, the pieces are cold worked, to give them their final shape and desired finish.

    This multi-step process results in one-of-a-kind, unique creations which add a splash of colour to every day life, whether as a statement jewellery piece, homeware or window hanging.