Hello, I'm Gisela Spallek

Spallek Glass Art Studio is my creative outlet, my dream come true.
Each of my pieces is truly unique - just like you.

I was born and raised in East Germany. Growing up behind the “Iron Curtain” shaped who I am, not taking anything for granted. The fall of the Berlin wall opened unexpected opportunities which I embraced with all my heart. My husband and I moved to the US, where we lived and worked for 20 years until we (very recently) relocated our family to Australia.

Over the years I have become a proud mom of two beautiful daughters, supportive wife and soul mate, physician and Web designer, entrepreneur and CEO of a small independent Internet service company, organic gardener and cook, adventurer and world traveler. Although busy “with life as it happens,” I have always craved to be creative, to create beautiful things with my own hand.

When my kids were very young, my husband gave me the special gift of time which I used to attend a series of stained glass classes. A decade later (my kids now old enough to drive themselves to and from school events and after-school activities), I found time to re-kindled my love for working with glass. I discovered glass fusing and fell for this relatively young technique.

Today, I spent nearly every free minute in my small studio, sketching new shapes and forms, cutting and layering specialty glass, firing up my kiln – designing mostly unique jewellery but also plates, platters, bowls, vases, candle holders and panels.