Spallek Glass Art

Spallek Glass Art is a Sydney based brand featuring handmade glass glass art.

Glass Artist Gisela Spallek began working with glass over ten years ago, as she loves how this medium captures and reflects the light. Her creations add a splash of colour to all aspects of every day life, whether as a statement jewellery piece or as usable dinnerware or window hangings.

Gisela hand cuts sheets of art glass into distinct shapes and layers them according to her unique designs. The fused glass works undergo a process of cold working and multiple firings in a kiln, whereas the stained glass pieces are wrapped with copper foil and soldered together. This manipulation of glass results in one-of-a-kind creations which encourage boldness through their colours and patterns. Her goal is to celebrate every style and expression through her art, according to her motto, “unique, like you”.

The artist about herself

“I was born and raised in East Germany. Growing up behind the “Iron Curtain” shaped who I am, not taking anything for granted. The fall of the Berlin wall opened unexpected opportunities which I embraced with all my heart. My husband and I moved to the US, where we lived and worked for 20 years until we relocated our family to Australia. Over the years I have become a proud mom of two beautiful daughters, supportive wife, physician and Web designer, entrepreneur and CEO of a small independent Internet service company, organic gardener and cook, adventurer and world traveler. Although busy “with life as it happens,” I have always craved to be creative, to create beautiful things with my own hand. When my kids were very young, my husband gave me the special gift of time which I used to attend a series of stained glass classes. A decade later (my kids now old enough to drive themselves to and from school events and after-school activities), I found time to re-kindle my love for working with glass. I discovered glass fusing and fell for this relatively young technique. This is how Spallek Glass Art came to be… Today, I spent nearly every free minute in my small studio, sketching new shapes and forms, cutting and layering specialty glass, firing up my kiln – designing unique statement jewellery, plates, bowls, vases, candle holders and panels.”